Lina had one of the hardest beginnings a poor pup could ever imagine. She is afraid of loud noises, fast movements and anything in your hand that is not a treat or toy.  She needs a quiet home to feel comforatable…loves laying on a couch!  We hoped she would be farther along by now but dont want to push, as she is still afraid of so many things and we dont want to set her up to fail.. She still has the run for your life mentality and would bolt even in the most loving home.  She would be best in a quiet home with one or two home bodied adults and a very non-dominant dog her size to play with. A 6′ fence is mandatory…she will sail over anything lower like a gazelle at the slightest scary thing!  She is about 5-6 years old rescued from a trailer park where she lived on the streets. She has clearly had a rough life based on the many scars she bears from fighting off dogs to fend for herself.  She sits, shakes paw, is housebroken, lies down so obviously was in a home before until she was abandoned on the streets. She hates the crate so she needs someone home a lot or not crated but she is a super good girl!  Lina is spayed, up to date on vaccines, and microchipped. No kids as Lina tends to be shy and we don’t not want to overwhelm her. Her adoption fee is only $200!!

Maxx & Me Pet Rescue
  • Melissa Patel

    Hello I’m looking to see if Lina is still up for adoption. I’ve tried emailing but haven’t heard anything back. Thank you!

    January 17, 2019 at 7:36 pm

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