Meet Brady! Brady is 4 year old +/- Goldendoodle rescued from a local shelter. He must have a home with a 6 foot fenced in yard, no kids, and no other animals. He clearly has had a very hard life prior to coming to Maxx and Me. He came to us with his wavy coat entirely matted to the point where he had to be shaved down completely.  Brady is neutered, up to date on shots and microchipped. His adoption fee is $300.

3/1/19 He is NOW in boarding with a training component, no longer at the foster home. ***BTW he bonded very quickly to the one person-female in the home but not the other female. We stress that a low key home, ideally one person or if two people two people who will continue training, are seasoned pet owners and can continue to work on his behaviors***

We do stress no children and Brady does exhibit behavior issues. He does bond very quickly with his person but seems to be possessive of that one person so someone who lives alone or a couple but one willing to work with a behaviorist and/or trainer to understand triggers. Ideally a loner with minimal company or willing to put him up when you have that rare visitor. He was in a foster home for two months and any foster offers we would put you in touch with his prior foster.



“I have been fostering Brady for just over 4 weeks.  It took him about 2 – 3 days to decompress, during that time his biggest thing was pacing.We walk twice a day, he’s strong but good on leash and listens well.  As the days have gone by he is eager to meet neighbors, once he has spent time getting to know them, if allowed, he readily greets them while walking.  Sometimes I talk to neighbors for a bit, Brady is great and quietly waits for me to finish. He has met cats on our walks and tends to want to chase them, but settles well with correction.  Someone spent a good deal of time training him and he continues to learn and learns quickly. Brady wants to be close, loved on, petted and groomed. Sometimes he can get rambunctious, but calms at the mention of a treat.  He loves riding in the car, walks, playing ball and swimming! If I were not physically challenged I wouldn’t think twice of being a foster failure with Brady.  I love him to pieces, but he needs a person, that can really play with him, take him on longer walks and challenge him mentally and physically.”
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