Diesel – Courtesy Post Only – Contact email in bio for info

Diesel – Courtesy Post Only – Contact email in bio for info

COURTESY POST Please contact ashleylauterbach@gmail.com. Not a Maxx & Me Dog.

-Diesel is a 3-4 year old boxer and black mouth curr mix. Nearly 2 years ago, he was scheduled for euthanasia at Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center. They are a high kill shelter. He was to be put down due to lack of space. He had no listed behavioral or medical issues. He was in the shelter for nearly 6 months and a stray prior to that. I rescued him from euthanasia and adopted him with the intent to find him a forever family. Unfortunately, I was unable to find him a forever home. I am seeking a new home for him that will be a better fit than mine. I have 5 dogs (including him). He craves individualized attention that it is hard for me to provide him as often as he would like. He is a cuddle bug and doesn’t realize how big he is! He will try to sit on your lap.. all 60 lbs of him. He loves other dogs and prefers to play with ones of his own size. I do have teacup sized dogs who he is perfectly fine with. I am uncertain on cats as he has not been around any while living with me. Diesel dislikes my significant other that has caused me to write this post. He may be just about the only person that he does not like, go figure. From the second that I brought Diesel home, he has barked and growled at him. Again, he has had plenty of socialization with other people and other males and has shown no signs of aggression toward them. Due to Diesel’s situation at the shelter and when I adopted him, he was clearly mistreated and abused. My significant other may remind him of someone from his past is what I am assuming. He is also very uneasy around situations surrounding fighting and raised voices. He is very protective of his owner(s). One of the volunteers from the shelter sent me a picture of Diesel after I had adopted him. The first picture in this post is what he had looked like when Animal Control found him on the side of the road. They presumed he was dead. This guy had a will to live. He has plenty of love to give and I am going to be very upset when he leaves my home but am looking forward to him getting all and more of what he deserves. He has been very loved here. I would prefer him to go to a home that has one or two other dogs at most as he requests much individualized attention. Please note that he has not had any socialization around children.

PLEASE CONTACT ashleylauterbach@gmail.com

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