Approx 2 year old Pennywise “Penny”   is ALL ABOUT LIIIIIFE! She LOVES dogs! She LOVES people! She LOVES cuddling. She LOVES everything! Penny is a bulldog doing bulldog thangs- she throws her weight around, wants to kiss and meet and sniff and play with everyone! She’s a squatty gal but is incredibly strong!

We had one of our trainers assess our Penny to help us understand her better. The ultimate goal is to get Penny into a forever home that will set her up for success. We thought we had that a couple of times… Penny is classic bully breed and bonds hard and fast to her people. The negative part of that is that she then feels the need to defend and protect her people and her home. That gets problematic when you have a lot of people coming and going and she feels concerned about it. So, on the advice of our trainer, the home for Penny that we are seeking will be one with another confident, established dog in the home that Penny can feed off of and hopefully learn to let the worry of new people fall to someone else. We have previously established she needs to be in a home without cats and while Penny absolutely adores children, we feel she has demonstrated an increased propensity to guard and protect them so a home without will hopefully allow her to settle easier. We are also starting Penny on a natural anxiety supplement to help her let worry go.

Penny may be a mix but she certainly has the typical Bulldog characteristics:
A+ relaxer ✔️
Big fan of fuzzy blankets and beds ✔️
Fan of indestructible toys ✔️
Infectious smile ✔️
Stocky stature and sassy swagger ✔️✔️
Delightful wrinkles all the perfect places ✔️
Protective over house and home ✔️
Sensitive nature and tummy ✔️

Penny is wondering how on earth the perfect family hasn’t found her yet… Penny enjoys children but also considers them her babies and doesn’t want others near them so we are looking for a kid-free home for her. She is friendly with other dogs but likes them for company / companionship rather than to romp and play. She likes to sunbathe and be outside, walks well on a leash though she is VERY strong and pulls a bit so needs someone capable of wrangling her. shes 50#s of muscle! No cats for this sweet angel baby.

Penny is spayed, up to date on vaccines, and microchipped. Her adoption donation is $250.

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