Goldie Shawn

Goldie Shawn

Meet Goldie Shawn! This dog could not be more beautiful. He has a big block head, muscular body, and so soft fur and wispy ears like a spaniel. He is approx 6 years old and 65 pounds. Since the time we took him in, he has grown in so many ways. He is now a healthy weight, he is free of matts and tangles, his hair – albeit fluff-like akin to a puppy’s hair – is now filled in and soft, his eyes are bright and cheery, and his confidence has found him! Shawn is now friendly and outgoing where he was very shy at first! Shawn has discovered toys and beds and couches and his most favorite…. SQUIRRELS!!!!

Shawn is HW+ and has been receiving treatment via the slow-kill method. He is on fish oil to help get his coat shiny and healthy and lubricate his joints, as well as dasoquin/MSM/chondroitin to support his joints. We identified Shawn was born with bilateral patellar luxation so he will need these inexpensive supplements throughout his lifetime. This is a non surgical case but it must be taken into consideration for Shawn’s lifestyle. Shawn cannot live in an apartment or a home with many stairs, he cannot be expected to hike or run for miles on end, he also shouldn’t be in a home with another large playful dog as they could romp too hard and cause Shawn to injure himself. Instead, Shawn needs a playmate smaller than himself (medium size dog is perfect!), a home with a backyard so he can chase the one true love he has, and someone who understands this physical limitation is no big deal. Shawn can walk and run and play, he just has limits. Shawn LOVES his people, he is sleeping in bed with his foster and get so excited when you walk in the door. He hopes to find someone home often to make up for the years he was neglected and left alone.  We would say no cats and small kids because he is a big boy to be safe.

Shawn is neutered, up to date on vaccines, and microchipped.  His adoption donation is only $250. Please fill out anapplication to meet him on

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