Sweet Silky Silly Sebastian, is about 4 years old, 15 pounds and a chi/dachshund mix is our best guess.
We have had Sebastian in our care for a couple of months now. When he initially came to us, he was recovering from an extremely traumatic run in with a pack of huskies. They were attacking him and his owners at the time paid no mind. Because of this, he has a healthy fear of big dogs- totally understandable.
However, in the months we have had him, we have learned a lot about him and it isn’t that he doesn’t like dogs, he just doesn’t like feeling threatened. Sebastian LOVES puppies, for instance. Smaller dogs, playful poochies who pose him no threat thrill him to death! He is so sweet and gentle and rambunctious with them! They pull his luxurious chest hair and tug in his plummy tail and he gently nibbles their necks and shows off his WWE body slam moves. He even does his “pretty please” maneuver to initiate play!
Sebastian was completely starved for attention. As you can imagine, having lived in a home where they were allowing him to be molested and tormented, he wasn’t getting the love and affection he so desperately craves. He bonds HARD and the last few months have also taught him he has to share his chosen human.
Sebastian is very sensitive, his big ol’heart is as tender as they come. He hates being yelled at, he doesn’t like chaos, he’s therefore not suited to a home with children. A quiet home with a smaller, gentle, yet playful dog where someone is home a lot and willing to let Sebastian keep their lap warm and snuggle behind their knees or on their feet at night is right up his alley and both are required.
He also must have a fenced yard as he doesn’t potty on a leash. He is potty trained and also uses pee pads when the need arises and no one is home. He is non destructive when left alone he just greatly prefers having his human around all the time.

Sebastian is neutered, up to date on vaccines, and microchipped. Adoption donation is $300.

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