Smokey is a 2 year old, approx 84 pound German Shepherd. He was hit by a car and had to have his eyes removed because they were so damaged. Call it tragic, ironic, unfair, sad… whatever your chosen adjective, the fact that this GORGEOUS DOG has zero ability to see himself or the world around him, is all the things.
And yet… Smokey listens. He learns so fast because he pays attention and figures things out. A raised bowl with a cone in a new environment/home? No problem. Show him once and he will get it. Like blind humans, Smokey learns his environment relative to his surroundings. He will need a home without chaos or clutter (no kids to be safe) and folks who understand things gotta stay where they are so he can learn to navigate his forever home. He’s listening to and learning from the other shepherd in his foster home and must have a confident dog in his forever home. He’s playing fetch right alongside her! Smokey has encountered several cats and appropriately ignored them. He is in foster with a handful of dogs and he gets along well with everyone. Smokey finds comfort in others. Humans, dogs, you name it, he’s into it because you see Smokey HATES being alone. Imagine having NO EYES and ZERO concept of your spacial awareness… I would certainly feel terrified all the time, especially without the presence of a reassuring figure. Someone to guide using his other senses… it makes complete and total rational sense to us that Smokey would panic when left alone. That said, his forever home will need to be capable of dealing with this. He will scratch doors and panic when left. He needs someone with him to reassure him and love him the vast majority of the time. He’s been through the wringer… this doesn’t seem so much to ask… One thing Smokey absolutely requires is consistency. He needs a routine and he needs repetition. He shouldn’t be in a home with stairs or where a pool could come into play. He wants a fenced yard and would GREATLY benefit from a similarly sized dog to act as his guide dog, one patient and loving, well-mannered and even-tempered so if Smokey happens to bump into them, they aren’t offended or retaliatory.
Smokey needs a dadgum hero. He needs someone to just understand and love him because of and inspite of his hurdles. Someone who sees his scars as we do: a testament to his survival instinct and sweet, resilient nature. Smokey needs his family.

Smokey is neutered, up to date on vaccines, and microchipped. He is heartworm positive and has started slow kill treatment. Adoption donation is $250.

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