Molly – Please Read Bio

Molly – Please Read Bio

Meet Molly! She is an approx 9 year old, 11 pound, yorkie mix.

Late last year, Molly was having accidents and drinking a lot. When her owner heard these symptoms could be explained as a byproduct of Diabetes, Cushing’s Disease and / or Hypothroidism, she opted to euthanize Molly, an otherwise healthy and happy pet. A kennel tech at the vet stepped in to save Molly’s life and give her a chance at a future. Thank God she did! Over the past several weeks, we have undergone extensive testing with Molly to confirm she in fact has all three diseases – each easily manageable with medications. Molly has been put on a specialized food (Science Diet W/D approx $35/bag which lasts about a month) and her three ailments are each just treated with a pill (hypothroidism soloxine @ $1.60/month, Cushing’s Disease – trilostane @ $52.50/month, and diabetes – insulin @ ~$20/month.). She will need daily injections for the insulin and yearly bloodwork to monitor her levels and maintain a handle on her conditions.
So for under $150/month, Molly has all the meds she needs, special food to help her body function at Maxx capacity, and being an otherwise healthy little dog, has many more years ahead of her we anticipate. It’s heartbreaking to hear how flippant an owner (since 2011 when Molly was born) could be simply based on her pet of nine years being sick.
Molly has what we believe to be the best concoction of meds/food/etc to help her feel very best and that means she can begin the hunt for her forever home! Maxx & Me stepped in to do the hard (ie expensive) part with the testing, trial and error and diagnosis. We confirmed – though of course we hoped otherwise – Molly simply must be treated for all three diseases but when she is, she’s spry and lively and healthy! The marvels of modern medicine!!!!
Molly is fine around other dogs but easily can be an only. She enjoys the individual attention of one on one so in fact, she may prefer to be the Queen of her castle…. we don’t have a history with children though her previous owner stated she was too busy with her grandson to care for Molly so it’s possible she was around kids, we just don’t know what she was like. Ideally, Molly finds a retirement home. Some place where her needs, her happiness, her adorable face can all be met and celebrated.
Molly is spayed, up to date on vaccines, and microchipped. Her adoption donation is only $250.
If you meet Miss Madison’s criteria please complete an adoption application at

Maxx & Me is an all volunteer, all foster home rescue and do not have a shelter. Please allow at least 48 hours for applications to be processed (missing information may slow the process, so please take your time and be thoughtful in your answers). All dogs posted are available (so no need to ask). We place dogs based on best home for each dog and not order of applications received. Email us at for updates and questions. Thank you for choosing rescue.

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