Peppadew “Dewey” – READ BIO

Peppadew “Dewey” – READ BIO

Peppadew, “Dewey”, was one of our #Charcuteriecuties born of Brie and bottlefed/hand-reared since day 9 of life.  Like most coddled babies, he grew up testing limits and trying to figure out boundaries since he missed out on the healthy litter-interaction and the corrections of Momma throughout the very formative first several weeks/months.  Dewey found a home but after a couple weeks, the other dogs in the home let their family know they weren’t keen on welcoming another as a full-time addition.  So, Dewey came back to us! Dewey is now a seven month old (DOB 11/19/20) pup in need of a stable environment with a proven history of discipline, healthy boundaries, committed to freeing this baby from his worry of who is in charge and capable of showing him all the good life as a pet with established rules has to offer! Dewey is very dog-friendly and will need a home with a pack to join.  He thinks cats are also in on the fun so only homes with cats that won’t run in fear – or simply a home without – will work.  Dewey is going to be a big boy (he’s only about 35 pounds now, though he looks way bigger in pics!) and doesn’t have a concept of personal space so no young kids to be safe.  He would b

enefit from teenagers to help run him and join in on the fun of training and confidence-building games.  He will absolutely require a fenced yard.  Peppadew will also need continued commitment to mental stimulation like nose-work, higher-level tricks, obstacle courses, food-challenges, etc.  Applications for Peppadew can be found @


Adoption fee is $350 and like ALL MAXX PUPPIES, Dewey will be required to undergo positive reinforcement puppy training classes to begin ASAP

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