Chip (of Chip, Joanna & Momma Magnolia, our #FixerUpperPuppers)is ready for his forever home! This baby boy is gonna grow into his massive feet, his smushy wrinkles, his playful personality and be a BIG BOY (large to XL) when it’s all said and done. Chip LOVES other dogs and MUST have a dog buddy in his forever home. They have to be willing to put up with his adorable puppy behavior – barking, jumping, play biting, etc. that goes for the other dog(s) in the house and for his adopter! He NEEDS a fenced yard and room to run, run, run!!! He is very active, still will have accidents so if that is an issue with potty accidents please move on. He is an absolute joy, high energy, loves to sleep in bed, bark, jump, will rough play and NEEDS a dog matching that playful energy but a dog buddy that will not hurt him as he is only a big, goofy, playful pup so he must have a friend that is understanding of his playful nature.  He LOVES stuffed animals, running after the ball, tug, going after the vacuum and biting the water when the hose is running – this fascinates him!❤️🐾
Chip, his sister, and his Momma were found wandering and Magnolia, being the ever-dedicated, dutiful mother she is, was still nursing these giant babies. Now that they’re vaccinated (one round so far), have been dewormed (and will be every two weeks), and are eating routinely they’re certainly growing in leaps and bounds! If you’re on the hunt for a big baby bound to be a big grown dog, Chip is the smushiest, most handsome guy around! He loves cuddles, playing and being with his human covered in blankets, playing with the ball and loves treats!
Please do not inquire or apply if you do NOT MEET THE ABOVE REQUIREMENTS PLEASE. NO EXCEPTIONS.
Maxx & Me Pet Rescue
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