Scarlett O’Hara

Scarlett O’Hara

Sweet & Sassy Scarlett O’Hara 🖤🤎🤍
Scarlett O’Hara spent the beginning of her life alone. She somehow lived long enough to be found but the toll on her heart, mind, and spirit was significant. She was so scared… Scarlett immediately clung to the first big dog she met. She was his sidekick for ALL THE THINGS. Like a remora to a shark, she followed him endlessly. He was happy to acquiesce, it’s just the kinda guy he is. However, as great as she was with her fur-foster siblings, she needed more human interaction – needed a dog to set limits on her sidekick status and force her to seek out the people. In her next foster home, exactly that happened. The resident dogs will play and interact but they definitely have their limits and won’t allow her to be all over them all the time. This made her look to the humans for play, comfort, and attention. They gave her just that. They’ve also been working on her self-confidence – purposeful time alone in her crate without comfort or distractions from people or dogs – and it’s proving very, VERY helpful with her overall behavior. She is significantly less timid, more outgoing, and knows both people AND dogs can be sources for her needs.
Now, Scarlett needs someone that’s home more to continue all the lessons she’s learned. She’s learned to trust. She’s learned to love love. She’s learned to play nicely. She’s continually learning boundaries on all fronts and she is blossoming.
Scarlett spent the first 10-12 weeks of her life all alone. She’s had more than her fair share and now, she needs to be done with that. She needs someone home with her – with a commitment to only what’s best for her. She needs to have devoted alone time each day – but she’s spending a normal work day crated now and it’s simply too much for her critical growth period. She is significantly better on the weekends when she’s with people the majority of the time so we need a home where that’s the case more than just Saturday & Sunday. Scarlett is less than five months old. She’s in the PRIME of her sponge-learning period and it is the right time to find her a home to keep going with her!!!
Scarlett is 33#s. She’s entering her lanky stage so she’s mostly legs! She needs a fully fenced yard, a friendly, PLAYFUL dog willing to share their spaces, and parents home more often than not. She absolutely LOVES sleeping snuggled up against you, is learning all sorts of confidence – enhancing tricks like sit and down and get in your crate, the list goes on… she alerts when she needs to go potty and waits patiently to eat. She has not been cat-tested but I would guarantee she’d chase them until she learned that’s not allowed. She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body though so would likely be totally ok with them once she understood that key concept:boundaries!
Scarlett O’Hara needs to find her hero, once and for all. Applications @


Remember the MY BUDDY commercial? Then they came out with KID SISTER?!
THAT is SCARLETT O’HARA’s theme song.
Wherever they go, sheeeee goes. 
This dog is like a remora to a shark. She watches and follows so closely that if they end up on the opposite side of a closed door, she cries! She needs a patient, playful, friendly older sibling to ATTACH TO AT THE HIP! She’s timid from having lived without the aid of humans the first three months of her life. For this reason, we won’t place her in a home with very young kids. <12+ minimum> However, she is opening up and gaining confidence every hour, it seems! She’s learning pets are good, bed-snuggles are LYFE, a hand reached towards her isn’t scary… we are still working on that part. Scarlett has been spayed and had her first round of puppy boosters. She is ready to find her forever home IF they are a PATIENT, LOVING family who can continue to help her trust and grow and learn from healthy interactions. What we mean is… while she is able to be adopted now, it should be UNDERSTOOD FULLY that this is still a dog considered a work in progress. She cannot be expected to be something she isn’t yet. She is fearful, she is learning manners, she is smart as a whip. She is not yet ready to be in a group of ten or more people at a family gathering. She is not yet ready for people to expect her to be in their lap 24/7. She is absolutely growing and getting better in leaps and bounds but it’s important to know what she needs so that we don’t have her returned for something she hasn’t yet learned. Scarlett will be the most loyal family companion to the family who picks up her torch and carries her to the land of the carefree doggies. It’s one reason we would like to see her find her family now. She’s bonding so hard to her foster family and her foster siblings…
It would be so great to have this formative time be spent with her forever family.
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In addition to the needs listed above, a Securely fenced yard is a 100% must
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