Ok what do you get when you combine the deliciousness of peanut butter 🥜🧈with the richness of chocolate🍫? THE SAME THING YOU GET WHEN YOU COMBINE A GORGEOUS FACE😍, SPARKLING EYES 🤩 and oh yeah, a DELICIOUSLY KISSABLE UNDERBITE😘: ❣️ REESE! ❣️
Reese is LOYAL and LOVING and OH SO FRIENDLY. She likes hiking and helping in the yard, is very interested in water, loves car rides, wants to meet everyone she sees and has been perfect with all the dogs she has met so far. She’s petite (42#), has a tiny little noggin’, AND has the enthusiasm of a puppy (she’s 2). She is need of a FOSTER or FOREVER HOME where she can be GLUED to the side of her person. She LOVES attention and feeling loved and we want her never again to feel so desperate for such basic needs.
Reese is a really great dog looking for a really great family and we promised her that would happen soon. Applications for Reese @
Maxx & Me Pet Rescue
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