Kristen aka Krissy

From being covered in scabies and used for her babies to now a HEALTHY, HAPPY HOUND – KRISTEN aka Krissy has turned a MAJOR corner.
We always saw what a gorgeous and loving dog she was – even when she sat in the shelter with plea after plea to help her going unanswered. Bleeding hearts that we are, we ignored the better judgment and stepped in to help her. We are constantly MAXXED OUT. In need of funds, with greater than 70 animals in our care, we simply couldn’t look away from these pleading eyes.
Krissy has been in a foster home where she has healed physically and emotionally. Like most women “of a certain age” she has learned what she likes and what she doesn’t and that’s about that. She LIKES another lazy buddy with whom she can enjoy sunbathing and lounging around. She LIKES to talk to you when you come home and she will tell you how she felt about being left alone. She LIKES a full bowl of food and doesn’t want to be interrupted by other dogs while she enjoys her meal. She LIKES the occasional bed by herself time and doesn’t want to be disturbed by pesky intruders once she’s settled in. Typical grown woman/ hound dog stuff!
Krissy is now ready to begin the hunt for her forever home! She would love to be someone’s everything since for so long she was treated as nothing. She can easily be an only dog. She needs a fenced yard to enjoy. She JUST WANTS A SAFE PLACE TO LIVE OUT HER GOLDEN YEARS!
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