I don’t want no fly guy
I just want a shy guy
I don’t want somebody
Who’s loving everybody
I need a shy guy
He’s the kinda guy who’ll only be mine 
Diana King  would love her some Yeti.
Yeti is a timid dog. He isn’t terrified of the world, he’s just nervous and unsure. In the presence of playful, friendly dogs, Yeti blossoms. He particularly seems to like other Great Pyrenees! In his forever home, Yeti will require an extremely secure fenced in yard that is large enough for him to roam around and explore as well as run and romp with his furry buddies. (These will ALSO be a requirement in a home.) Kids are a definite no, as no one that may be overly loud or potentially leave the door open, or not respect Yeti’s “you’re making me uncomfortable” cues would be a good idea for this baby and his personality.
Yeti is one of the smallest GP we have come across. He’s a little over 2yo. The past few months he’s been in a foster home where they’ve worked on gaining his trust and helped him be more comfortable in his own skin. Yeti has sort of plateaued in this environment and needs to find his forever home where he can bond hard and permanently to the right folks and even more importantly to the right dogs. We are so very grateful to his patient, loving fosters for helping take this baby from these dreadfully worrisome pics (see the end of the montage) to the happier, more relaxed (still timid) pics you first see.
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Maxx & Me is an all volunteer, all foster home rescue and do not have a shelter. Please allow at least 48 hours for applications to be processed (missing information may slow the process, so please take your time and be thoughtful in your answers). We place dogs based on best home for each dog and not order of applications received. Email us at for updates and questions. Thank you for choosing rescue.

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