Marla- Foster needed!!

Marla HOOCH, Hooch…
Marla was at the shelter and like her namesake was continually overlooked because of her physical attributes. You see, Marla has a BASEBALL-sized TUMOR hanging from her belly and because of that, no one was stepping in to save her – including rescues.
While we are awaiting her secondary appt with our vet for a consultation regarding removal, the initial findings lead the shelter vet to assume Marla is a hospice case. They believe that the tumor outside is either connected to or secondary to an internal tumor and that this may cost Marla her life.
We don’t want to believe that.
Marla will be thoroughly checked at a full-service vet where we will find out tons more regarding her condition. Can the mass we see be removed? Can the mass inside be removed? Will it extend her prognosis to do so? Basically, how best can we help Marla to live the happiest QUALITY life?
Marla, we see you. We hope and pray that like the character for which you’re named, you’ll be an ALL-STAR! We are glad to have you on the team and we love you already.
Marla is in need of a foster while her medical condition is evaluated.
Maxx & Me Pet Rescue
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