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FOSTER and ADOPTER needed for sweet, 6 year old chocolate lab Evie girl! Our #31 Evie girl (out of 32 dogs since 2019 we have rescued from this local horrific breeder through our shelter partner). Evie had quite a day yesterday. She got sprung out of boarding, got her first bath, dosed again with flea meds as she was covered in fleas still, visited some veterans at the American Legion, went to the vet and instead of going back to boarding spent the night in a home for one night so she could decompress. She was restless for a bit but she met the dogs and there were several beds set up she could choose from. The one thing Evie does which some of these dogs take months to do…she wagged her tail and approached for pets and kisses ♥️🐾
Evie is a petite, approximate 55 lb, 6 yr old female who clearly JUST gave birth to puppies. The only reason she escaped is because the breeder took her puppies obviously way too soon and discarded her. She has loss of fur, sores on her body, scars on her head but she is in good spirits even if a little timid. She needs a home with another well adjusted, sweet and friendly dog(s) and fenced yard. These dogs are flight risk dogs so they need to be double leashed for a while, have a secured yard and experienced adopter.
Like all of these dogs, they have lived in outdoor pens 5-6 females to 1 male churning out litter, after litter after litter for years. In Evie’s case that has been 6 years of torture and hell. She was born to a mother and father living in the same hell, to simply be a beautiful chocolate lab puppy kept behind in this prison to replace those that have stopped producing and that are tossed aside so she can now be the money maker for this horric human being who has done it for years. Nothing can be done. Multiple complaints have been filed if you research through public records but breeders no matter how crappy they are exist.
DO NOT TELL US YOU BUY A DOG. YOU ARE ONLY PERPETUATING THE PROBLEM. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ABUSE AND SUFFERING THESE INNOCENT SOULS ENDURE FOR YEARS💔💔💔 so you can have your new golden or lab or whatever you fancy. Do you think of what it took or care to get that puppy and the lives the Mom and Dad live? Well we witness it first hand and this is only ONE case of many we have worked. If you are patient you can always be on a waiting list for breed specific rescues. We rescued one from here after TWELVE YEARS living and birthing babies to make this guy a profit.
Reportedly he is FINALLY closing after many years and is waiting for all the females to give birth so he can sell off all the puppies and dump the Moms that are no longer of use. We have secured all the males. This has been a labor of love since 2019 and a project very near and dear to my heart (Lea) and all of us.
Let’s get Evie into a FOSTER and FOREVER home. Applications for both at:
We have more coming in including 2 today. If you can help us with this massive endeavor as well as the others :
Vet bills –
Day & Evening Pet Hospital
Under Maxx & Me Pet Rescue account
PayPal – sending via friends and family so no fee:
Mail for supplies and checks:
Maxx & Me Pet Rescue
12191 W Linebaugh Ave #554
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Thank you Maxx and Evie fans!!!
Maxx & Me Pet Rescue
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