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At around 5 months old, Tabitha made her way to us after having been given away multiple times. Her behavior was described as “overly rambunctious” and “too rough”. We suspected she was just a puppy who had not been taught manners, impulse control, or basic commands.
Tabitha has been in our care now long enough to be vetted – she wasn’t before – and for us to get to know her. As we thought, Tabitha is simply a lab puppy who is growing quickly and enthusiastic. She IS rough. That should be expected. With zero ill-intent, Tabitha greets everyone she meets with excitement and a bowl-you-over NICE TO MEET YA! She also sits, waits, knows to focus on her handler quietly and patiently, and takes treats gently. Then, she bounds through the house leaving no surface untouched by her cone as she barrels into the couch and grabs her toy.
Tabitha is full of energy, excitement, and enthusiasm. She takes corrections beautifully and has learned behavior modifications like a sponge. Tabitha needs a home where they can successfully navigate the notoriously difficult puppy-phase of a true lab. This will include expectation-setting (letting her know what you want from her), maintaining boundaries (putting in place and consistently practicing a routine and basic discipline), a fenced yard to zoomify, and a well-behaved, gentle and playful role-model dog. Kids 12+ will be ok as long as the understanding is their behavior will amplify her behavior, so they need to be well-behaved also.
Tabitha has been so mis-understood her short life. It’s nice for us to know that we see her, we fully understand who she is, what she needs, and how to set her up for success.
Puppies are hard. Expectations are often completely unrealistic as they are not robots. The smarter a subject, the less discipline and exercise that baby-genius has, the more difficult they will become! They’ll find creative ways to entertain themselves and that leads to trouble! This wasn’t a hard case to figure out. But it is something we are very serious about moving forward: It is our mission to place Tabitha in a home where she will not be failed again.
Tabitha is spayed, microchipped and up to date on vaccines, adoption donation is $400.
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