Ingrid ❤️
This sweet starlet joined a very seasoned foster family recently. In addition to several MAXX alum pups who are all welcoming and friendly, Ingrid joined two other golden breeder survivors from the same hell hole from which she came. Lia was the single most physically abused female we rescued. After two years, she’s still got a ton of hang ups but she’s happy and loved and safe – she was adopted by her foster. Rose was such a blessing and comfort to Lia when the Jackson family fostered her that they kept the girls together ultimately – she too, was adopted by her foster. Ingrid entered this home – so familiar with the hurts and hang ups of these dogs and immediately felt better. She never went through the hiding and cowering in a corner like most of them do. She felt the healing and loving vibes from this super balanced pack and she let it wash over her!
Ingrid has learned to hunt squirrels, that toys abound and she can hoard them all she wants, that food will come twice a day without fail, and that people can be kind and nurturing not just mean and scary. She’s not “perfect” and she has lots of growth and progress still to make but Ingrid is in a place where she is learning and healing every day. We know she can continue that process with a forever family.
Ingrid must have at least one other dog her size in her forever home. She will require a securely fenced yard (6’ minimum – ZERO exceptions), no young kids, people home the majority of the time, who can be patient and loving and confident to lead her through the rest of her healing process.



Maxx and Me is an all volunteer, all foster home rescue and does not have a shelter. Please allow at least 48 hours for applications to be processed (missing information may slow the process, so please take your time and be thoughtful in your answers). We place dogs based on best home for each dog and not in order of applications received. Email us at for updates and questions. Thank you for choosing rescue.

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