Max is another sad example of what happens when owners can no longer properly care for you, or sadly pass away.

His story was a sad and potentially tragic one. The message I received was from someone who has helped train dogs for us a while ago. She stated her friend’s stepfather has a dog named Max, her friend’s Mom recently died from Covid and her stepfather advised her he was moving, selling the house he and her Mom had owned, that the dog had to go or he was just going to SHOOT him!!! If you can imagine, here is a dog who apparently was loved by her Mom, he is a geriatric 11 yr old boxer mix and that is what he gets… a horrible human who is going to just shoot him because the owner can no longer be “bothered” despite the fact he owed him so much more and it is obvious from his condition he never got it.
As the story unfolds, they had him about 8 years and he had not been to the vet in almost 2 years and has not had the care a boy his age should be getting.
Max is undergoing thorough work-up for skin irritations, lumps, and his grossly overweight (119lbs) stature.
UPDATE: Max is losing weight! He’s 113 lbs and and his wounds are healing nicely!…He is sooooooo loving…a tad scared when meeting new people, but quickly warms up, requests pets, and is all love…He is great with cats, too…
MAX is beloved by everyone who meets him. His fosters love love love him, and all their visitors think he is wonderful. Please don’t hold his neglect against him…Please don’t think he has nothing to offer because he’s older or slightly chubby…He has so much to give and needs so much for someone to make up for the time missed in his past life…And that’s pretty easy, since he’s a low key guy who enjoys short, casual walks, snuggle time with his blanky at the TV, scrubby bubbly baths, and all the sweet talk you can give…He simply needs to be adored.
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