When we posted Otto the first time, we had a running bet on how many *minutes* it would be until we received the first application – which we were sure would end up being the first of millions… ⏱ 📝
He’s that type: Beyond adorable, Fluffy, Small, Lightly colored… In the words of Roxette: (S)He’s got the look 🎶
While his good looks and pitiful puppy eyes are of course immediately appealing, it’s his heartwarming personal growth and the beginnings of learning to puppy in various ways that have us charmed and enchanted 🥰
Otto has seen and survived a lot in his nearly nine years. Despite being an owned pet, he frequented the local shelter being picked up time and time again (18 times in 8 years if you’re keeping score)… At some point, he sustained an injury to his left eye that caused a cataract to form (this has been thoroughly checked out and the only medical requirement for care at this time is indefinite daily eye drops). He has some subsequent depth perception issues but nothing painful – he just wouldn’t be safe around a pool and can’t do stairs.
When we first got him, it quickly became clear that Otto had been in need of rescue for quite some time. His hair was severely matted and he even had blood on him(not his). He had fecal matter embedded in his fur and urine burns on which required significant grooming, routine baths, hair removal, and plenty of time from which to heal.
Understandably after all of this, he was timid and standoffish, he was scared. He didn’t understand that life of pain, fear, neglect was behind him. He didn’t yet know he would never, EVER, spend another night in a scary shelter.
After months of routine grooming and care – including multi-time daily eye rinses and drops, consistent and gentle behavioral correction, confidence encouragement, calm and kind meetings with new people, and love love and more love, Otto has truly come a LONG, LONG way!
Otto will never be the purse-puppy, car-riding, store-visiting, snowbird-commuting, social butterfly every.single.applicant. has expected. Otto is a homebody. He likes HIS people and believes it’s his job to protect them from everyone else: squirrels, delivery guys, intruders aka visitors. He wants a quiet home and would prefer to stay there and wait for you while you run errands rather than join you on your jaunt. He thinks teens and kids are the bane of his existence – they’re loud and unpredictable! – but loves a guy who can be buds, coexisting in the same space without being overly needy. Otto LOVES attention (on his terms) and will sit up ever so prettily so you notice him. He likes dog beds and is learning to romp and play with toys. He’s down to sit with you on the chair – when HE wants – but doesn’t need you to constantly pet or smooch him. Otto lives for his walks and gets the MOST excited to see the leash come out. In his forever home, he will need 4-5 leisurely walks a day. Otto is fine as an only-dog but could also coexist with another chill, Beta-dog – he can be a bit bossy (definitely no puppies or wild and crazy guys). Otto doesn’t require a fenced yard but would not do well in an apartment setting.
It is our DUTY to “speak for the trees”. Getting to know the dogs in our care – their preferences, their fears, their favorite things – we feel is the best, most complete way to love these babies. Setting them up for success in a home perfect for them (not just ok, but PERFECT) is the only way we can consider our job done right. We KNOW Otto. We know what he needs and what he wants and what simply would not work for him.
If you are interested in adopting Otto and fit his needs, applications can be submitted
Only the best will do for our Handsome Hairy Hunk 🥰

Otto’s fully vetted, microchipped, neutered and adoption donation is $300


Maxx & Me is an all volunteer, all foster home rescue and do not have a shelter. Please allow at least 48 hours for applications to be processed (missing information may slow the process, so please take your time and be thoughtful in your answers). We place dogs based on best home for each dog and not order of applications received. Email us at for updates and questions. Thank you for choosing rescue.

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