“Phil here. 🐂🐶


Today, I’d like to introduce you to my man, Johnny. The past few days I’ve been getting to know him: Showing him the ropes, teaching him about toys, how I’m the boss, all about walks, more about me being boss, about how we snuggle of the couch, another tid bit about my boss bitch status, and about how jammies work to make the humans laugh so you just roll with it and trust it’ll be over soon… J-Man has really been picking up what I’m laying down. He’s a total gentleman on leash and super easy to walk… I’m telling you, I’m raising quite the prodigy, here!


We’ve discussed it and we think it’s time we start the search for his own fam.


Johnny aka JohnnyHeartthrob is really a Good Boy – and I don’t throw “GB” status around lightly. I let him think he lets me win when we wrestle. He lets me gnaw on his ears – which I’m told is supremely unfair since basically I don’t have the ears. I let him pick out his own toys – I informed him Lamby was absolutely off limits and he obliged, so he passed that test, too.


Johnny would be great with a buddy to pick up where I’ll leave off. He’s so playful and chill, he will be a wonderful influence on his next new set of friends… but, don’t tell him I said that. I have a reputation to keep here! He also could be an only dog, as long as he gets a chance to socialize with dog buddies at daycare. He’s a social dude, what can I say?


Johnny also really likes being outside – like we all do – so a yard of his very own where he can continue practicing back scritches and army crawls is gonna be super important. He’s gonna tell you he’s a lizard hunter. What he means by that is he’s woefully inept but super committed to finding them and catching them. You can put the sign out front for those things that the safest house in the hood is wherever Johnny lands, though…


As I learn more about him, I’ll keep you posted. Dude is basically obsessed with me so, it’s not like I won’t have more to share soon. If you’re interested in meeting Johnny to see if he might be your dog’s new brother and your new best friend, reach out to maxxandme.


Phil. Out.” ✌🏾


Johnny is approximately 3 years old fully vaccinated, neutered, microchipped heartworm negative and on prevention.

Adoption fee is $250


Maxx & Me is an all volunteer, all foster home rescue and do not have a shelter. Please allow at least 48 hours for applications to be processed (missing information may slow the process, so please take your time and be thoughtful in your answers). We place dogs based on best home for each dog and not order of applications received. Email us at for updates and questions. Thank you for choosing rescue.

Maxx & Me Pet Rescue
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