We DOUBLE DOG dare you not to smile when you see these pics of the “JOLLIEST BUNCH OF A-HOLES THIS SIDE OF THE NUTHOUSE” 🤣
(Any Christmas Vacation fans?!) 🎄

Anyway, good luck NOT beaming from ear to ear just like Norma & Bates when you see their little happy faces… it’s IMPOSSIBLE! They’re absolutely JOYFUL! 🤩🤪😛

For two dogs who found themselves on the euthanasia list at the shelter for QOL (Quality of Life) concerns, these guys are definitely defying the odds!!! They’re the true definition of “just happy to be here”! They literally cannot get enough of being touched. They throw themselves into your hands and rub against whatever part of your body they can just to feel you. 🥹 They snuggle in all the tiny spaces – under the covers – when you let them sleep with you. Did you know Mexican women often use chihuahuas like hot water bottles when birthing babies? These two chi-weenies will demonstrate the effectiveness of this technique in providing comfort each and every time you let them! They’re Super-Snugglers and should this event make it to the Winter Olympics, they’re a lock for the podium 🥇 🥈

Norma & Bates were recently checked over by our vet and for 13 & 16 (best guesses), having lived lives of utter neglect without the most basic of care… they’re in damn fine shape. Sure their skin is still healing and they are working hard to grow hair back after being bald and scabby… a decade + without a bath will do that to ya! Sure their mouths / jaws have decayed and rotted away and their teeth have fallen out (they have two between them and Bates claims them both) but these things are old news and they don’t think it defines them. Sure they have open holes / oral-nasal fistulas from the severe neglect, never having the most basic dental hygiene, but there’s nothing that needs to be done for that… they’ve learned to work around it, live with it, and they don’t let it bother them.

Are these two the classic car kept in a garage under cover, lovingly cared for and kept immaculately so as to be passed on to the favorite grandchild to take to Car Shows… uh, no. But are they the clunkers discovered in a barn who – with some TLC and as the project of a weekend warrior – get running again albeit with some smoke out of their tail pipe but the pride of bringing it back to life is everything?!
Yes. Yes they are. They’re not passing an emissions test but they are the pride and joy “antique” you won’t let go!

If you have a TRUE HEART for rescue, these are the dogs for you. Loving someone well who has never experienced it before is remarkably self-fulfilling. By giving them a safe place to live, you’re giving them peace, and rest, and taking away worries they’ve had their entire lives. By feeding them daily, bathing them regularly, relating to them you’re alleviating their burden and giving them boundless happiness. By just loving them, you’re breathing life into them. We are watching them age-backwards before our eyes. In just seven weeks, these dogs have come so very far! Their forever family should get to experience this for as long as they can! Please help us find Normie & Batesy’s people. They are so deserving.

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