Anyone remember the Monty Python scene “I’m not dead yet!”?!

Benny says he had an eerily similar experience recently….

You see, Benny was found laying in the middle of the road. His finders went to get a box in which to bury him. But then, BENNY AROSE! All I can hear each time we talk about him is the guy from Monty Python yelling “I’m not dead yet. I’m feeling better…”.

Benny, we are so glad you are! You’ll continue to feel better as we vet you and get you in tip top shape!!!

Benny needs an immediate foster (ideally foster to adopt) home. We suspect he’s a cocker spaniel / poodle (save the nonsense names). He’s maybe 2ish. Friendly. Energetic. Would enjoy a home with maybe one other dog to romp with but a whole crew gets him too excited. We make no promises regarding being hypoallergenic or minimally shedding whatsoever.
🐾 No young children.
🐾 Tampa area only.

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Benny’s adoption fee is $400

Maxx & Me Pet Rescue
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