Ethan ❤️.

The first thing that drew us to Ethan was the dramatic and horrific injury he sustained from a deeply embedded collar. We knew he needed help. The recovery he has made on that front in such a short time is truly remarkable! (Before pics, update pics, and current pics included in this post!)

Like most dogs who suffer tragic injuries, though, Ethan is soooooo much more than that part of his story. The moment you meet him, his charisma bowls you over. His bright, sparkling eyes and goofy smile are as endearing as can be. Throw in the underbite that causes his jowls to hang on his teeth and… well… goooood luck not having to grab him and smooch his face! It’s impossible not to!

Ethan will be neutered soon and on the hunt for his forever family. We are currently processing applications for him! (If in the Tampa area, we can do a foster to adopt and allow him to join your family right away!) He will need a fenced yard to run and cut up in. He would prefer a friendly dog or pack to join so he can wrestle and run and play with them but we will also consider an active family committed to exercise and socialization who doesn’t have a dog already.

Ethan loves children and people of all shapes and sizes. People = pets, treats, all the “good boys”, so he’s a big fan!

In addition to them going to heaven, he believes all dogs were put on earth to play and rough house so a home with crotchety older guys won’t work. Ethan needs younger dogs who want to be a mentor and demonstrate good behaviors he can emulate but who can keep up with him as he attempts to break the speed record for yard courses and zoomies. He also has some boxer in him maybe so he’s handsy and bumps with his chest when he plays.

We cannot say enough about this guy! He’s delightful and will bring the fun and the love to any home he joins! Apps for our resilient dude

Ethan’s adoption fee is $350

Maxx & Me Pet Rescue
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