Arrow 🏹

When Arrow was at the shelter, he was terrified. He WANTED to seek comfort from other dogs but he didn’t know how to do that… his gentle and loving nature shone through the fear and awkwardness and the folks working at the shelter started trying to find a rescue to help Arrow before it was too late.

Since coming to us, Arrow has made huge strides! He’s learned all about lizard hunting and squirrel watching. He’s decided gardening is his new favorite hobby. He’s confident enough to lay outside alone enjoying the weather, but affectionate in that when you sit, he’s plastered against you. He’s a wonderful mix of lovingly attached but not anxious when you leave.

Arrow is a PERFECT size at right around 30ish pounds. He’s uber athletic and would make an excellent hiking or exploring buddy, but he’s compact enough where if you needed to pick him up and carry him back, you easily could. Arrow looks you right in the eye for reassurance and encouragement that he’s pleasing you with his behavior. His brindle coloring is GORGEOUS and he’s very, very soft!

In his forever home, Arrow will definitely want a fenced yard to enjoy and he would LOVE a playful dog around his size to pal around with. He’s WONDERFUL with children and people of all sorts. At about 9 months old, he’s an extremely calm puppy but also has the exuberance you’d expect when experiencing new things!

We can’t say enough about this guy & TOTALLY get why the shelter folks were so smitten.

His bestie is his foster bro – they do homework together, read, and have started a branch of neighborhood watch where they take turns being President.

On top of everything else:  He’s even potty trained! Basically, we proudly introduce you to a VERY GOOD BOI: ARROW! 🏹

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arrow’s adoption fee is $400

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