🐺: “Hey Guys! I’m FLIP! ➰

2 weeks ago, I was just a baby. I was a 🦐 at just 5.5 pounds. I was 🐛 wormy 🪱 and had an infection in my airway ( 👩🏽‍🦱 : kennel cough / URI). I didn’t feel so good…. BUT, after a couple trips to see the guy in the white coat (👩🏽‍🦱 : the vet 👨🏽‍⚕️), I’m feeling WAY better now! Since I’m not sick anymore, my body is working better and I am GROWING. I’m proud to say that in exactly 14 days, I have more than DOUBLED my weight 💪🏿!! I’m now 11.6 pounds ⚖️, and in case you didn’t know, hitting that double digit mark means I’m a big boy now. BOOM 💥 Since I’m a big boy and all, I think I can pretty much do anything. The new little girl dog in my house – she smells SUPER good and our foster parents keep saying I am “too interested” in her. I’m just trying to welcome her, is all! It’s just that my hips wanna do this crazy dance when she’s around and it makes me hear “stop it!” and “no, sir!” a lot more than I am used to… so, we talked about it and we think it would be best for everybody if maybe I start interviewing forever families now. I’m not done with all my meds yet but super soon I will be. Then we can talk about what they keep calling “gettin’ snipped” whatever that means.

So, here’s the thing, if you’re looking for the most handsome, precocious, friendly and entertaining pup around, maybe we should meet! I love kids. I love other dogs! I love everyone! 💕Ya gotta have a yard for me to play in and furry buddies for me to learn from… also, one last thing. I haven’t decided if I’m a big dog in a little body that wasn’t healthy enough to grow until now or a small dog with a big dog personality so we can find out together how big I’m gonna get! It’s gonna be a fun ride either way!”

👩🏽‍🦱 : Apps for Flip @ maxxandme.org


Flip’s adoption fee is $400

Maxx & Me Pet Rescue
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