Elvis Presley Blues

Elvis Presley Blues

Presley, another of our #BuffettBabies, is as sweet as she is stunning! While all the details of house-life are new to her, she’s learning that life as a beloved pet means ALL the good stuff: creature comforts, stress-free living, and PETS/LOVIN’!

Presley is on the hunt for her forever home where she will need a fenced yard and a playful and confident pup or two to join. She loves the freedom a yard provides: sunbathing and exploring opportunities all day and Presley hasn’t met a pup she doesn’t love!

If you’re looking for a young, project pup, one which you can positively influence and show the ropes of what being loved and cherished is all about, Presley may be the pooch for you!

Apps for EPB @ maxxandme.org

Adoption fee is $400 – all puppies adopted from Maxx&Me require proof of puppy obedience glasses to be completed within 6 months of adoption.


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