Dandy Darby 🤍

The third member of our #DDogs, Darby was terribly traumatized when he first arrived with his siblings Dylan & Dave. When they were found as a group of stray puppies, Dylan and Dave were easily captured and brought to safety. But Darby, after witnessing one of their siblings being struck and killed by a car, ran like the dickens. It was days and days before they were able to secure him too. Once they got him to the shelter with his siblings, however, Darby was much more comfortable in their presence.

In his foster home, Darby has learned SO much! He’s learned to trust people, though he’s timid when first meeting a stranger. He opens up and adjusts quickly however and is quick to give kisses and ask for pets once he trust you! He LOVES other dogs and finds his confidence alongside a balanced pup. He enjoys walks. Loves toys. He likes doggie beds and creature comforts that he hadn’t experienced before being rescued. Darby is a great boy and opening up, learning tons, every day!

Darby, being a Pyrenees, will need a large and securely fenced yard. They’re very prone to wander off… Being timid, he will also need a confident adult dog in his home to learn from and to whom he can look for guidance.

If you’re looking for a best friend, one who NEEDS the love and encouragement of people dedicated to making him feel cherished beyond measure, Darby is the Doggy for you! Apps @maxxandme.org


Adoption fee is $400


all puppies adopted from Maxx&Me require puppy classes for basic obedience completed within 6 months of adoption

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