Bolt ⚡️ – because I mean LOOK AT HIM – is approx 4 months old & nearly 40#. We expect this dude to be larger than life when he’s grown, just like his score on the charm-scale!

Bolt is extremely attached to people and will need a family home often, able and willing to work with & train him, as well as to provide the proper mental and physical stimulation he craves. Once Bolty is fully vetted, he will absolutely want to join you at the soccer fields or on your weekend hikes. We envision Bolt with kids to raise, an older doggie sibling to mimic, and an adventure passport that would make Magellan jealous!

Bolt is CRAZY smart, crate trained, and gets that outside means potty, just not that he should tell us when he needs to go ( HE.IS.A.BABY!) so potential families will need to understand the burden they’re facing with that (nothing out of the ordinary, we just like to manage expectations). Bolt is such a stunningly handsome and physically capable specimen, it’s like having a really big toddler that you expect to know more and do more when really, he is just a baby who can’t possibly be expected to know all the things yet! He likes to spend loads of time outdoors watching birds, he loves the pool (though he’s only waded in, not actually swam yet given the weather), likes to play in the dirt, sun-bathe, or snuggle beside you while you relax and read a book

If you’re looking for the single most Disney-like dog – no filter needed – Bolt is the guy for you!

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BOLT is a BABY looking for an active young family to join – small or elderly dogs are seen as play things for him to chase so that’s not a suitable companion for him. We have no cat history but would suspect he would chase them but with no ill-intent. WITHOUT EXCEPTION, BOLT REQUIRES ANOTHER LARGE DOG WHO IS PLAYFUL, AS WELL AS A FULLY FENCED YARD.

His adoption fee is $500


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