Eleven months of love, dedication, significant effort, and veterinary care has allowed our Edamame 🫛 to BLOSSOM 🌸 into the FLOWER-CROWN PRINCESS 🌺 👑 🌼 she was always meant to be!

When Eda first arrived, she was such a mess of physical trauma, the shelter was going to elect humane euthanasia without even booking her in. However, we are very confident (very, very confident) Edamame is related to a previous Maxx alum found as a very young puppy in the same area, Poké (one of our own personal forever pups!). We simply HAD to give her every ounce of opportunity we could. We didn’t know if the abominal physical state she was in was indicative of something medically serious happening inside or just from years and years of neglect, abuse, and trauma. The only way to find out was to get her here – so our vets and a seasoned loving foster could go to work on her.

Edamame arrived at a measly 48#. Today, she’s a healthy 63#. Her skin was red, inflamed, covered in open sores and she was missing more than 50% of her hair. Her teets hung nearly a foot from her body – evidence of years of nursing litters long past when they needed her. This caused a painful, itchy rash that she scratched at incessantly. This would create open wounds on her sensitive undercarriage and they would get infected from her scratching… it was a vicious cycle that would never end without intervention. Additionally, her life-giving mommy-parts were riddled with masses from the over abundance of hormones that over-breeding creates. She had urine burns on her pads. She had painful double ear infections.

And yet… Eda was immediately friendly and loving. She smiled and engaged with us from the very moment we met her. We fell hard and fast in love with this oh so deserving dog. In the past elevent months, Eda’s environmental allergies have been managed by a simple Zyrtec pill daily. Her mammary masses have been removed and she’s been spayed. There is no further evidence of cancer of any sort! Her ears and skin infection, as well as the secondary infections caused by the scratching have all been resolved. Now that her body isn’t focused solely on surviving, Eda has grown gorgeous hair and her colors are vibrant and stunning! We just LOVE her mask!

In a forever home for our girl, we simply want her ADORED and provided for in every way. She is very dog friendly and can be with both bigs and smalls safely. However, she doesn’t NEED the company of another dog to be happy. Her needs are minimal in fact: daily Zyrtec, joint supplements for her hips, and omegas (things any dog would benefit from!), as well as soft pets, kind words, and couch time with her human. Eda absolutely CRAVES love!

It breaks our heart that for the years before becoming ours, the love SHE dishes out – and it’s deep and true, let me tell ya – was ignored. This dog is something special and the monsters who had her before, who used her, abused her, and left her for dead when they were done with her missed out on the impact she makes. We feel so fortunate to be the recipients of her affections.

Eda is only about 4 years old max – hard to believe her body was so mangled in such a short time but hard living and utter lack of care will do that! She has a ton of life and love to give some extremely lucky family.

If you’re interested in being her forever hero, apps for Edamame can be submitted at maxxandme.org

Eda’s adoption fee is $300

Maxx & Me Pet Rescue
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