Once upon a time a manatee sprouted legs and became a land animal. This change in physicality took his ability to swim away… but, it meant he could tickle his belly in the grass, he could sunbathe, and while he would sink like a rock to the bottom or a pool, he’s not really interested in the physical nature of “swimming” or “exercise” so…. A more than fair trade the manatee decided.

Yesterday, this manatee we’ve named Presley was upgraded from the life of an unwilling servant forced to breed for the greed of another, to a HOUSE PET. That’s right. For all the times you wished you could have a manatee as a PET, HERE IS PRESELY!

Pres needs a foster or adopter PRONTO. He’s fabulous with others but doesn’t need them to be happy. As formentioned, the “active” lifestyle isn’t his speed. He prefers a yard in which to do his business at his pace without the restraint of a leash.

Help us spread the word about the MIRACLE that is PRESLEY THE LAND MANATEE!

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Presley wanted me to mention one more thing. He has worked HARD on those ELEVENS so don’t @ him. 😉 Skin care management he will agree to but don’t try and take his wrinkles!

Presley is 4 yo & 60ish pounds.

adoption fee is $450

Maxx & Me Pet Rescue
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