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This is Finnegan.

He’s an 11-ish pound Australian Shepherd puppy. He’s six months old. We can all agree he’s quite possibly the most handsome puppy in the history of the world and his petite size adds a whole other layer of desirability.

Finn is looking for his forever family. He’s had a rollercoaster of a life thus far and we will be incredibly diligent (ie picky) regarding his placement.

If you don’t meet his list of requirements, do not apply (or if you don’t meet his requirements and choose to apply anyway, know you will not hear from us).

Finn was born to a breeder. He was sold to a pet store. In the process of being transferred from the breeder to the pet store, Finn broke a leg. That made him worthless to both entities. (But please, keep supporting these hell holes and greedy people…) Finn was then given to someone who had an older dog who was NOT a fan of his puppiness and that is how he then came to be ours. His leg is perfectly fine. In fact, you can’t even tell which leg it was he broke – particularly because he’s a mile a minute all the time!

🐾 Finnegan will need a LARGE fenced yard – preference given to a farm where he can herd the things. He LOVES other animals and is enjoying doing what his breed was made for in his foster home.

🐾 Finnegan needs a larger dog who can be in charge of him, setting boundaries and teaching him when enough is enough. This needs to be an adult dog, not another puppy, but a dog young enough that they still have the energy to keep up with him.

🐾 Homes with young kids are a no. While his breeder thought he was making purebred Aussie puppies, he somehow mixed in a little piranha so Finn is just not a good idea with youngsters who could be on the other end of his razorbalde teefies.

🐾 Finnegan’s adopters will have a history of Australian Shepherd ownership. This is NOT a first time breed and this puppy is NO first time puppy. Aussies are smarter than the average bear (and the majority of humans) so it will be imperative his owners know what they’re getting into and how to best guide Finn to be the best boy he can be!

🐾 We adopt in Florida only, all animals in prospective homes must be a minimum of 6-months post-sterilization, UTD on core vaccines, with a proven history of routine flea and heartworm prevention. For the animal listed, all requirements are REQUIREMENTS and we don’t make exceptions on the caveats we mention. It is our job to put the best interest of the pet in our care at the forefront of our decision making. This is not a first come, first serve proposition, we strive to make the BEST matches for our pups to ensure their happiness AND permanency in a home.

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Adoption fee is $600

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