Jordan Baker – adoption pending

Jordan Baker 🤎🩶🤍

This #GatsbyGang gal is WAY more than gorgeous but can we just admit that she IS in fact SMOKIN’ HOT?!

This tri-tone is at least as faceted. Initially, Jordan is shy. Initially she’s wary. But it takes only moments for JoJo to settle in and make you her friend. Once she feels comfortable, she gets adventurous. It’s not a 0 – 60 situation, but it is a 0 – 35…. She’s very playful and equally cuddly. She likes toys. She likes other dogs. She likes kids ok but doesn’t love tiny ones who can be loud and unpredictable. She prefers teens who have the spirit and energy she enjoys.

Jordan would love to find a home with another sweet, playful, welcoming dog. We are looking for a dog who will help her overcome her wariness to new situations and instill in her the confidence to face them head on!

These dogs are huge and a fenced yard is just something they need.

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Adoption Fee $400


* all puppies adopted from Maxx&Me require basic obedience courses completed within 6 months of adoption *

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