Dew Drop

Dew Drop 😍

Dew Drop is Clara’s little girl born 11/11/23. We saw pics of Momma Clara with 3 puppies at a rural shelter in AL and we knew we had to step inπŸ’” She had 7 puppies at the shelter and only 3 puppies remained. A shelter is a harsh environment for any dog and deadly for puppies. There just isn’t the staff or resources when pups are born, many times overnight, on weekends when they are closed and they perish which is heartbreaking. We knew that we had to save this family of 4 so no more puppies died.

You see this was not the first litter for Clara. She is suspected to be the Mom of Cocoa (Coco) and Casper slightly older pups as well as their other two siblings who we did not know about but were rescued by other rescues. So what we know is that Clara is suspected to be the mother twice at least of ELEVEN

Any adopters of Maxx & Me puppies are required to complete puppy training within 6 months and is stipulated in our contract.

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