It’s about that time… when you’re feeling a little sluggish in the afternoon and need a pick me up.

We know just what will hit the spot…LATTE! ☕️

Latte will provide all the energy you need to get through your day. Not just because he is named after a caffeinated beverage, but because he’s a 9 month old labradoodle so he is FULL of it!!!!!

Latte was surrendered when his owner’s job stopped being remote and they couldn’t afford daycare for him. He was being locked in a cage all day. While most dogs are perfectly FINE spending 8 hours a day idle, this guy was NOT.

Instead, Latte now has a chance to be matched with a home that fits his needs and is committed to being a LIFELONG family for him.

Luckily for him, we know how to do this! Latte is dog-friendly to the max. He is good at taking cues when he’s worn out his play partner, too. He loves to chew toys, bones, household items you errantly leave laying around… He practices arithmetic by counting socks – he can count as high as they go! He likes to play sous chef and will join you at the counter while you cook BUT he’s also SUPER smart and can learn that’s NOT how you’d like his assistance with consistency and training.

He’s good in the car and with kids though he ABSOLUTELY will bowl them over. He’s potty trained and also has been nominated as Neighborhood Watch President but he chose to focus on his true passion in life: PLAY, instead.

Latte is a great dog looking for a GREAT family. He will absolutely require a fenced yard so he can stretch his legs and continue to pursue the fastest man alive speed record – watch your back Usain!

Latte has never met a cat but knows they require that he bark at them when he sees them.. he’s sweet and friendly so potentially a dog-savvy cat would be ok, but we really can’t say.

Clearly, the hope is to identify a family home much more often, with a desire and dedication to train Latte to be the best boy he can be while also giving him an outlet for his energy. It’s obvious much of his rambunctious behavior is due to his pentup energy – but also <Doodles>….

If you’re interested in a Trenta Caramel-colored Latte, apps @
Latte is in need of a foster or foster to adopt home. If interested in adoption, submit the ADOPTION app. Preference is given to this intent.


adoption fee is $400

All puppies adopted from Maxx&Me require basic obedience training to be completed within 6 months of adoption

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