In the exactly 2 weeks since we got Shiloh, her life has changed significantly. (Example of how shut down she was: last pic) Sweet girl was flea-ridden, filthy, covered in blood – both hers and blood from the fleas, and scared to high heaven. She was dependent and shut down, followed her biological father and housemate, Buddy like the pied piper.

But now, she’s clean and feeling MUCH better – both physically and emotionally. Shiloh has gained loads of confidence; Particularly since being in a foster home! Shiloh has had adventures of which she’s never dreamed! Yesterday, she visited WOB and experienced her first Sunday Funday! She also had her first pup cup. She’s a fan of BOTH!

Shiloh is just over a year old. She’s prob 70-80#. She really likes other dogs and is super playful. They give her the confidence to be herself and make her oh so happy. She will need a doggie friend to play with in her forever home. She’s indiscriminate on size, as she loves her JRT foster brother.

While she’s doing awesome on leash and has been a star at both the adoption event she attended as well as her out and aboutings, she thoroughly enjoys the freedom a fenced yard offers. She’s a big dog who wants to run so we will also require her forever home to have this.

Shiloh met a kiddo yesterday and greeted them politely. She was wonderful with the teens who helped wrangle her at the adoption event. She IS a big dog who is young and excitable so it would be assumed she would potentially knock into or knock down little littles.

If you’re looking for a young dog who has her whole life ahead of her and is oh so grateful to be treated well, one who has the benefits that come with a grown dog (has manners, sleeps through the night, doesn’t mind a crate) but has the appealing parts of puppyhood like experiencing everything for the first time… Shiloh is a GREAT option! Apps @

Adoption fee is $350

All pets under 18 months are required to undergo basic obedience training. Shiloh will carry this requirement.

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