Girl Scout 🍪


This tiny tot may very well be an extremely young Rottie pup. 😳 But who knows?!

Girl Scout 🍪 was found as a stray and she’s MAYBE seven weeks. She tries to nurse on every dog she meets 🥺 #Areyoumymother

She’s learning healthy boundaries from them… when enough play is enough play and when they don’t feel like being her big spoon. 🙅🏽 She’s cracking us up with her young puppy antics as EVERYTHING is new and exciting!
Sprinkler head?! 💦 OMG what is that?! 🤩
Fuzz from a toy?! ☁️ This is amazing! 😻
Balls, they roll?! 🎾 What is this sorcery?! 🪄 💫

Scout loves being outside exploring as much as she loves to snooze alongside you. We are hoping to find her a foster to adopt home where someone is home more often than a normal work day so she has the stimulation and guidance a little baby needs. She will need at least one welcoming adult doggie in her home and a yard is imperative. She’s very, very small so children old enough to understand how fragile she is will be considered – she hasn’t entered her razor blade teeth + rabid raptor phase yet… but it’s comin’! It’ll be imperative her forever family has experience raising a puppy. Over the coming months, Scout will be vetted fully, including spay and then she will be adoptable officially! Fosters have first rites of refusal to keep their charges 😉

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