Clara Bow 🎀🖤

Clara Bow 🎀 🖤

As they begin their ninth week of life, we are hoping to find the #TTPDPups foster to adopt homes. They’re remarkably smart, funny, loving little characters and it would be such a blessing for them to bond and learn with Athe family who will keep them forever.

Clara Bow fully believes she’s one of the big dogs. She wants to play with the big toys, eat out of the big bowls, sleep in the big bed, and participate in ALL the happenings right alongside her foster siblings. She can’t wait for the day she has had all her shots so she can join everyone in a pack walk around the neighborhood!

Clara is great with dogs of all shapes and sizes and people, too! However, it’s very apparent already that their working dog nature is strongly imbedded. They’re constantly under your feet! They don’t even know yet why they run between your legs or plaster themselves to your ankles when you walk but soon they’ll realize why and try and herd you where they want you to go! It’s fascinating how ingrained this behavior is! So homes with elderly individuals would not be a good fit. The fall-risk is tremendous! Toddlers and young kids will also need to be a special consideration. Folks familiar with working breeds who can manage this behavior, would be imperative in a home with kids.

If you’re interested in one of our #Fortunatefour, please apply using the ADOPT application @

We are so excited to find them their perfect forever fits!


Clara Bow’s adoption fee is $400

*** ALL puppies adopted from Maxx&Me require basic obedience training to be completed within 6 months of adoption ***

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