Rascal and his momma Reba were picked up as strays and taken to the shelter where HUNDREDS of animals already were and HUNDREDS MORE continued to pour in. As we made arrangements to find places for them both, the shelter was overwhelmed with too many residents, zero open kennels, and they began to euthanize. Being a county shelter in Georgia, they’re simply not allowed to turn away animals… Rascal’s momma lost her life and the urgency to save Rascal intensified.

We can’t stress enough how FOSTERING SAVES LIVES. Without a dedicated safe space, we could not have pulled this boy in time.

But, thanks to his foster Momma, we did!

When Rascal first arrived he was understandably terrified and shut down. With the help of his foster pack, he doesn’t even remember being that guy!

Rascal has had the life we all dream of since becoming a Maxx kid. He’s living on a farm with donkeys and birds and horses and cats and dogs of all shapes and sizes. He’s a friend to all!

Rascal is CRAZY smart. He LOVES watching tv and learning new commands. He LOVES playing chase and exploring his abode. In a forever home, he will need a fenced yard and a playmate doggie friend.

Rascal is going to make some lucky family the VERY best dog and we want to help close the loop on his former life by beginning his new one. It’s terrible we couldn’t save Reba in time but we know she is watching over Rascal and is oh so happy he’s got a chance to be happy and safe all the days of his long life. She worked so hard to protect him while she raised him out in the elements without any help from anyone… we are glad to carry that torch for her now.

If you’re interested in giving Rascal the very best home, the home he deserves, the home Reba deserved also… please apply @ maxxandme.org


adoption fee $400


all puppies adopted from M&M are required to undergo basic obedience training within 6 months of adoption


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