Magnolia 🌸

After fluids and a groom, Momma Magnolia 🌸 is feeling a whole bunch better.

Being left in the heat absolutely BOILING between the daily 90°+ heat and deluge of rain, Magnolia was dehydrated and weak.

How could anyone abuse and forsake this little face like that?!

We are excited to watch Magnolia blossom as she heals from her ordeal. In order to begin that process in earnest, we need a foster home (local in the Tampa area) with a friendly resident dog to help encourage her. At this time, this will need to be an adult-only venture.

Apps for this member of our #Boiledpeanuts @



Meet our #BoiledPeanuts

This week, with the help of several volunteers and random community members, our motto of “see something, say something, do something” was employed to the hilt. Ultimately, because of our tenacity and with the combined efforts of people who CARED, *Four* little lives were saved. When their owners went to jail, these dogs were left in the truck they lived in ALL ALONE. These dogs were BOILING alive in the sun, without provisions and with only a sheet separating them from the hot Florida sun, the multitude of storms, causing the heat and water to combine into a stifling environment in which they became severely dehydrated.

Emilia Mae – a 6# young mother to
Macon – her 8mo son
Magnolia – a 3yo young mother to
Honeybee – her year old daughter
All joined the Maxx family where they will never again want for anything – including the most BASIC of care and protection.

The babies have all been groomed and cleaned up. They’ve received their first sets of shots, been chipped and have appointments to be sterilized. Never again will indifference and carelessness lead to irresponsible proliferation for this group!

We need foster homes for Macon, Magnolia & Hoenybee (not together).

They are fearful and timid but warm up quickly. In the presence of other confident and balanced energy dogs, we know they will blossom and forget all about the hellacious time they survived.

If you can help us with one of these deserving pups, please apply @

Donations to their care can be made a variety of ways:
Checks: 12191 W Linebaugh Ave #554 Tampa, Fl 33626

This isn’t something we were planning but we sure are glad to have people in our corner willing to FIGHT and stand up for animals. While the law considers animals “property”, it is cruel and incorrigible to leave live beings in this manner. We are ever grateful to the team of people it took to get these babies SAFE!!!

Maxx & Me Pet Rescue
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