ThanK you, aIMee

ThanK you, aIMee 🎶 🖤🤍

Aimee says YES, these pictures ARE incriminating evidence of her antics, and YES, they are in fact photographic PROOF of her busy-ness… BUT, she can explain!

You see, the hole, well it could have had something nefarious in it. She was checking it out for YOUR safety. She was doing a really thorough job to be absolutely SURE nothing was in there that needed brought to your attention. Turns out, it was just a hole but it COULD have had something scary in there and she would have handled it for you, if so.

The Emory board… ok see THAT looked like a bone and she’s ALLOWED to chew on bones. Yes, it felt different once it was in her mouth and YES she heard you say “no” but also, it was crunchy and it tickled her tongue when she chewed it so the thing is, you also were laughing and taking pictures so the “no” seemed like you really meant “ok, fine”…

Ok, this… this is embarrassing. You happened to catch her stuck in the table. Well, she fell victim to peer pressure on this one. The big dogs dared her to see if she could go though it without getting stuck. They bet her she couldn’t and, never one to back down from a double dog dare (in which there were two of them and they both dared her), Aimee said “we’ll see about this!” They did in fact see about it and they were in fact right, she couldn’t scale the table without getting stuck. You happened to catch her at the moment she contemplated the phrase “I meant to do that” but also saw her moment of panic “what if I’m stuck here forever” worry and, well, that’s when she asked for help. Thanks for coming so quickly…

Ok this next one is admittedly not her finest moment. Here’s, what happened… Aimee, worn out from all her shenanigans, no doubt, laid down to crush a cat nap. When she yawned, the step where she planned to lay her head, found its way into her mouth. THAT wasn’t her fault. She was just yawning! The step jumped into HER mouth! Ok it didn’t jump… it was stationary but she was super sleepy and she didn’t avoid it, either. When she felt it in her mouth she just kinda left it there. She wasn’t gonna chew it…. Much. She was just gonna taste it.

Aimee would like to ALSO draw your attention to the PLETHORA OF ADORABLE PICS where she is being an ABSOLUTE ANGEL. Those show her true self, too! She’s definitely a conglomeration of all of these things but don’t miss how sweet she is!

Aimee is WAY smart. Smart enough to find trouble if she’s given the chance! She is a great family dog and a home with older children, teens, or adults only would be perfect for her! Super young kids wouldn’t stand a chance against her brains and their toys, their toes, their ability to toddle without a dog under their feet would be a losing combo. When she’s tired, from kicking butt and taking names throughout the day, Aimee loves to be snuggled. Cats aren’t a fan of hers it seems but she is living with them and with a house-free bunny! Aimee will need an adult dog in her forever home for her to play sidekick and from whom she can learn all the things. She LOVES other dogs!

If you’re looking to love Aimee & her antics forever and ever, please apply

#TTPDPups #thanKyouaIMee


Aimee & her litter, the #TTPDPups were rescued at 8 weeks old. Their DOB is 4/13/24, their momma is a Border Collie / German Shepherd mix & daddy was a rolling stone.

adoption fee is $400 and all puppies rescued from Maxx&Me require basic obedience classes to be completed within 6 months of adoption

Maxx & Me Pet Rescue
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