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  • Beth

    Meet Beth! This angel girl is about 6-8 years old and 50ish pounds. We’re calling her a lab/pit mix but she has lots of smooshy skin around her neck and is cute as can be and we honestly have no idea what mix she is!......

  • Brie – read bio please

    Brie was beaten with a 2×4, repeatedly. We know she was struck and her face crushed, her facial bones shattered, her hip broken…. We know that the pain from that horrific time hid other significant hurts. For instance, the eye that looked “normal” was actually......

  • Buster

     5/10/19 growing his fur back: Day of rescue:    Meet Buster! Buster is spunky and looking for a forever home of his own as an only dog. Buster has decided blankets, beds, and laps are his favorite things in all the world. He craves human affection.......

  • Chip

    Chip is a super handsome Mastiff mix who is 2 years old and 60 pounds. Chip is a nervous boy we rescued from Miami Animal Services. Chip needs a home with a sturdy 6′ fence (PVC ideal), and someone willing to continue working with this......


    Chip (of Chip, Joanna & Momma Magnolia, our #FixerUpperPuppers)is set to be neutered in the coming days and will then be on the hunt for his forever family. This baby boy is gonna grow into his massive feet, his smushy wrinkles, his playful personality and......

  • Chubbs & Sadie FOSTER NEEDED

    Meet Chubbs and Sadie! Chubbs (brown and white) and Sadie (black and white) are brother and sister pit mixes, approx. four years old, and about 60ish pounds. Their owner had them since puppy-hood, but sadly owner died of a heart attack. The two dogs were......