Foster A Dog

An Authentic Boutique

Fosters help us save the lives of adoptable pets, because we do not have afacility facility, so we can only save them from being euthanized when we have foster homes available.

A foster home is a short-term safe haven for a rescued dog or cat. It is a place for a rescued animal to learn some new skills, and to prepare for a new home. Foster homes are a critical component of our program and our fosters are some of the most amazing folks on earth. Many times animals we have had for a long time, are adopted out only a few weeks after being in foster care! When you foster, you also allow us to save another animal when yours gets adopted. It’s a great experience to know you have literally saved a life.


These dogs are often the first to be put to sleep in a shelter because they are likely to get sick. Thanks to our fosters, we can pull these animals and save them and give us time to find them a home.


Now, don’t you want to join us? Start by filling out our short foster application: