Thank you for inquiring about our Volunteer Program and for agreeing to volunteer for our Maxx & Me Rescue dog. The guidelines/clauses set forth below are designed to be an outline of our expectations of you and what you can expect from Maxx & Me. We are having you initial and sign this agreement for these purposes: 1) to outline the expectations and requirements for a volunteer who is taking one of our dogs in their possession and for our volunteers to understand that they are fully liable for the dog(s) in their control and their possession when walking them, taking them to their home or other location. The volunteer assumes all responsibility for the Maxx & Me Pet Rescue dog and any other dog that comes into contact with our rescue dog while you are in possession of the rescue animal. . The volunteer agrees to not under any circumstances have the Maxx & Me Pet Rescue dog interact with any other dogs while taking the dogs out on walks or when in the volunteer’s possession for the protection of all parties and dog(s) involved. The volunteer will not bring our rescue dog to a dog park of any kind and will return the dog to the appropriate foster, boarding, vet or where the animal is being temporarily housed at the end of the volunteer time that has been agreed upon by the Maxx & Me Pet Rescue founder and/or board. As a volunteer you agree to uphold the integrity of Maxx & Me, Inc. By initialing the clauses and signing below, you are agreeing to follow Maxx & Me’s rules, policies and procedures. Maxx & Me reserves the right at anytime to terminate this agreement.

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MAXX & ME CAN ALWAYS BE REACHED AT: maxxandmerescue@gmail.com

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